Easy Cap to Open Soda Bottles

Easy Cap could change the way we open soda bottles. It seems like technology always finds us better and simpler ways of doing things, even if it only saves us a few precious seconds of labor.

Remember when ring tabs used to be on soda and beer cans? I guess people would just carelessly litter by tossing the ring tabs over their shoulder. Someone in the early eighties figured out that you can attach the tab to the can itself. Now, this easier method of manufacture is a standard.

I suppose that the same could apply to soda bottle caps. I'm not talking about the glass bottles with the improved twist-off caps, but the plastic ones that always twisted off, probably from day one. Its all right to admit that you sometimes have a hard time opening these things, but the Easy Cap, designed by Shao-Nung Chen, should give you some more leverage with its teardrop shape. Heck, if you position your thumb just right, you can open your bottle with just one hand.