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How to unlock an iPhone with a ring. A man named Michael Knuepel has come up with a way to make an iPhone screen accessible with a secret ring. It sounds like something from a spy movie (a bad one) but he is perfected the proof of concept, as seen in the video after the jump.

I'm not certain how the ring works. Perhaps there is some sort of chip in there that sends a message to the iPhone that the key is in the lock so to speak. It reminds me of the days when messages had to be sealed with wax and a specially molded ring.

Granted, the ring in the video looks like something that only Green Lantern would wear, but if it could be put on a normal-sized ring, like a wedding ring or class ring, then we have a marketable iPhone accessory with the bonus of some added mobile phone security!

About Xwave Headset

XWave What are you thinking?

XWave can sense your attention and meditation levels and you will be able to control and float objects in upcoming games by simply thinking about it, or much like biofeedback, train your mind to focus and relax on command.

With free 3rd party applications ranging from a beginners brainwave visualizer to a social musical brainwave compatibility app and the informative meditation timer, the list of apps is growing, and available on iTunes, one only has to purchase the XWave headset to start playing with their minds.

Iam still waiting for the app that is going to show the movie of what Iam thinking of course, thats not always going to be a good thing, now is it?

Purchase the XWave headset for $99.00 from

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Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser

Those core muscles are important to keep tight, but they can be tricky to keep in shape. Thankfully there are workout machines that only require you to sit there and enjoy the ride. No more do you actually have to work at your body, just sit on a machine and let it do the work for you. Now if only your diet could be decied by some electronic device and keep you from messing things up when you get a little bit of a sweet tooth.
This Giddyup Core Exerciser is really a product. It rocks back and forth to your specifications to make sure that your core gets a serious workout. Of course it requires that you sit up straight and not lean back or forward. By altering how you sit or hold your arms, you can work other areas as well. If you�re feeling really adventurous, there�s even a video that shows exactly how to use this properly. You can purchase one of them for $452.94 through Amazon.

Transcend Goggles

Skiing and snowboarding are sports that I would never succeed at. For one I lack balance and the most important detail is that I turn into an ice cube if it drops below 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. Even despite that I'm not big on cold outdoor sports, these goggles are still cool. They give you all sorts of statistics as you are sliding down the mountainside.

These Transcend Goggles come from Recon Instruments and Zeal Optics. They come with GPS and a display on the inside of the goggles. That display will tell you things like your coordinates, outdoor conditions, speed, altitude, total distance, the temperature and number of runs. You can even use it as a stopwatch and a clock. It ll even keep track of your progress. To get all of that fancy technology placed right in front of your eyes you ll have to pay up $399. That is unless you'd like the fancy set with photochemical (automatic transitioning) lenses, then its $499.

iPod Tech.

TEAC Aurb handles all your audio needs

Once in a while, a device comes along that touts to handle all of a particular need. Well, we have the TEAC Aurb this time around which not only plays nice with your iPhone and iPod (being a dock and all), it also doubles up as a CD player (just in case you have those Michael Jackson classics on a collection of CDs) and an FM radio, for moments when you�ve absolutely run out of downloaded tunes to listen to. At �249.99, the TEAC Aurb isn�t cheap, but let us gloss over what it has to offer before coming to a conclusion, right? Compatible with ALL iPod/iPhone models available, it boasts some pretty good audio quality, featuring a retractable iPod/iPhone dock, a top-mounted CD player and auxiliary/USB inputs for you to play back MP3 and WMA files from memory cards and CDs amongst others. It ain�t no shy flower, belting out 100 watts of power through its dual 32mm tweeters and 89mm woofers. Not only that, it looks absolutely gorgeous, so having it in any living room is a must this Christmas.

Tech News Toshiba Memory Card

Toshiba claims the mantle of worlds fastest SD card

Toshiba says their new SDHC cards are the fastest in the world.

Back in the golden age of ocean going travel, companies like Cunard, White Star and the like were involved in a travel style arms race, each vying for the fastest steam ship. And the winner was usually the one who travelled from London to New York in the fastest time (as signified by the Blue Riband Trophy). Well, tech companies are doing the same thing with SD cards, each vying for both the largest and fastest SD cards on the market. Toshiba is now claiming to have the fastest in the world lets take a look.

In todays HD Video obsessed market, write speed is as important as storage size since cameras are writing tremendous amounts of digital data onto those SD cards. And Toshibas cards are claiming blazing read/write speeds of 95Mbps and 80Mbps respectively. With that kind of speed, videographers will also be able to enjoy faster transfer speeds once USB 3.0 is all the rage.

Look for them in sizes of 8GB to 32GB in SDHC and 4GB to 16GB in microSDHC formats, where all are compliant to the SD 3.0 standard and will be due in December just in time to make excellent stocking stuffers.

Remote Control

Shoot this light out with the Bang!lamp

When it comes turning an appliance off from a distance, you could use some Universal remote, or even the Clapper. Or you could use this Bang! lamp.

The lamp can be turned off with a special gun-shaped remote. All you need to do is point it at the lamp and pull the trigger. Not only does this �kill the light�, but the lamp shade will do a tilt thing, like it was hit with a bullet.

Of course, you might not want to leave this lying around when someone who is pro-gun control comes around. Of course, it is a plain white gun, and I don�t know how many real plain white pistols are out there.
Right now, the Bang! lamp is just a concept for now. However, it could easily evolve into other devices that you want to shoot to shut off. For example, a Bang! alarm clock that you have to bust a cap in when you wake up in the morning. What about the bang! HDTV that you can shoot every time you see something you don�t like, just like Elvis (supposedly). I would be shooting the TV every minute if I had one of those.

Nica Sunrise Bluetooth Headset

Maverick Lifestyle announces Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset

Looking for a new Bluetooth headset in the market? Maverick Lifestyle might have just the thing for you the Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset which can be purchased from and select Apple Stores and Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores. It will rely on Nicas original trendsetting technology as the base, where this revolutionary hands-free solution will introduce a new era of comfort, style and convenience to cell phone owners. Nice to know a Bluetooth headset isn't a wheel, which is why it has been reinvented to feature a light-weight, open-air and clean circular design which can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. This level of advanced comfort will certainly make this as one of the most user friendly headset design on the market.

Electronic Gadgets Password Memory

Password Vault helps your failing memory

You know how it is these days there are just way too many passwords to remember what with numerous user accounts of various social networking sites, emails and what not. Not only that, no longer can you just use password as your password, as many sites require a minimum length of characters as well as a healthy mix of numbers and letter. Well, the Password Vault will definitely come in handy, as this smartphone sized device is capable of holding account information for website addresses, usernames, passwords, and ATM PINs securely, storing them for immediate retrieval.

Electronic Gadgets Nintendo DS

Do you know Know? OK, so reading that aloud might sound a little bit weird at first, but if you havent heard about Kno, then this is the company that has come up with a new educational tablet, hoping students will pick it up instead of lugging around heavy textbooks and giving their shoulders a nice workout.

The company has just announced that they will start to ship its highly anticipated product to pre-order customers, where the first batch of Kno tablets will start to arrive on doorsteps this week  perfect if you have placed a pre-order for your little bird who is about to leave the nest for university pretty soon.

Knows tablets will come in two iterations one with a single screen just like every other tablet device out there, while another will sport a couple of displays, which is pretty much like a blown up Nintendo DS, except that this is more educational centric instead of helping you while your time away playing games.

Audio/Video Gadgets

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt
by Edwin - on December 19, 2010

Having a spy camera is something that some of us out there might love to own, since there is a voyeuristric streak in us that we tend to keep suppressed. Well, ThinkGeek has the cure for that with the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt, where this $39.99 purchase will add a new dimension to your sense of fashion. How so, you ask? It is pretty self explanatory, where centered in the artwork on the shirt features James Bond holding a camera straight to his face. Of course, this is no ordinary camera picture, since hidden behind the soft cotton exterior likes a real spy camera. There will be a cable that hooks the camera to a tiny black box which is in your pocket, where all you need to do is place your hand non-chalantly inside, press the button, and the camera will start/stop recording. Of course, it will run on batteries (three AAA) and not magic, but that�s to be expected for something that can hold up to 150 digital photos in VGA resolution.

Coolest Tech and Gudgets: Coolest Gudgets

Coolest Tech and Gudgets: Coolest Gudgets: "SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse defies gravity Don�t get any funny ideas that the SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse is..."

PC Gudget

Digital Storm announces xm15 laptop
by Edwin - on December 21, 2010

When it comes to computer system integration and engineering, the name Digital Storm will certainly crop up among those who are familiar with the industry. The company has just announced their latest, most powerful lightweight laptop that is known as the xm15, where it will feature NVIDIA�s Optimus Hybrid Technology to help it operate longer than normal. This new laptop is capable of delivering targeted extreme performance when required, letting you experience longer operation without losing the ability to enjoy the visual intensity of HD movies, multimedia applications, surfing the web, and gaming. Now that�s truly looking into the user�s needs, as it seems to be the utopian laptop for the moment.

Coolest Gadgets

SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse defies gravity

Dont get any funny ideas that the SmartFish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse is capable of floating while it is here on earth without any strings attached (literally) to the ceiling, but rather, it has been dubbed as a gravity-defying travel mouse because it can adapt to the motion of your hand movements. This is possible thanks to a patented comfort-pivot technology, where the Whirl Mini will become a natural extension of your arm to provide you with the feeling that your hand is floating in mid-air even when you work, resulting in the most comfortable, healthy computing experience imaginable. We do hope they are right for their sakes, as the conventional method always had the mouse plastered to a surface, with it looking (and feeling) good ergonomically whenever you hold it in your hand. Featuring an ambidextrous design, 800-dpi hi-def laser sensitivity, 2.4MHz wireless connectivity and extra long battery life, you can choose from Carbon Fiber, Black, Blue, Silver, Red, and White colors for $49.95 a pop.